Check out the NHL Logo Maps

Haven't had much in the way of news to report this past week. There have been some new player jersey numbers announced, but I'm debating whether to expand the already massive Sweater Switch post or come up with a new method of presenting them. (Of course, if you still want updated jersey numbers, be sure to follow me on Twitter or keep an eye on the Twitter feed in the sidebar.)

In the meantime, other aspects of the site continue to be updated. For example, just this afternoon I've added new Concept art. But cooler than that is the new Logo Maps feature I added last week. Since 1942, the NHL map has had a habit of changing every few years, so I have maps to depict every update and they're being added to the site on a daily basis. As of today, we've reached the 1968-1969 season, the second year of the first NHL expansion.

Hope you enjoy the new stuff while I work behind the scenes on more new features for the future.