Piece of Jets Uniform Revealed

Photo tweeted by Blake WheelerAs we wait for the Winnipeg Jets to unveil their new uniforms, it seems Blake Wheeler is there for those dying for a leak.

Today, the Jets forward tweeted a photo of what are presumably his new uniforms pants. They're dark blue with the alternate wordmark which was officially unveiled a month ago by the team.

The photo was posted today at about 1 PM Central time to Wheeler's Twitter account, @BiggieFunke:

Here it is...What do you guys think? http://lockerz.com/s/132236390

We still haven't seen the jerseys yet despite the numerous reports of leaks. I'll say it again. Any online retailer claiming to be selling the unreleased jerseys is a fraud. That's really all there is to it.

And you don't have to believe me. The Jets have repeatedly stated that the alleged "leaks" are "not even close" to real thing. This article from Sun Media goes into detail with the club's management.

Here's a good excerpt regarding the third jersey questions:

The Winnipeg Jets will have only two uniforms this coming season: home and away.

Although it’s become common over the past several years for NHL and other pro sports teams to don third jerseys for some games, it doesn’t look like the Jets will follow suit, at least not this year.

“There will likely not be a third alternate jersey this year, just due to the process of getting the main two done,” said Scott Brown, director of communications for True North Sports and Entertainment, which owns the Jets. “We’re going to hopefully focus on the main logos and the main jerseys.”

As far as when you'll be able to get your hands on the actual jerseys, you have more waiting to do:

“The authentic jerseys won’t be available until October, and replica jerseys likely not until November. That comes from the manufacturer,” said Brown. Nevertheless, photos purporting to be leaks of the new Jets jerseys have been circulating on the Internet for weeks.

Brown said a common one showing a dark blue jersey with the main plane logo in the middle is “not even close” to legitimate. The same goes for any other supposed sneak previews.

Over the weekend, I posted graphic representations what all of next season's jerseys will look like, even the unreleased ones — except the Jets. They're the most tightly-guarded jersey designs in history, I think. I'm very impressed with True North, Reebok and the NHL for keeping this under wraps until they're ready.

Speaking of fakes...

Fake Leafs Third Hits the Web

Fake Maple Leafs jersey / LeafsHQThis morning, Jeff of LeafsHQ posted a photo of what appears to be the Toronto Maple Leafs' new third jersey (right). I can assure you this is a counterfeit job.

Even if I hadn't already seen the real jersey myself, it would be quite obvious that this is a phony. I suppose over time you get pretty good at spotting the red flags. For example, the Reebok vector on the sleeve will not be on any new jersey in 2011.

But since I'm able to tell you which details are wrong, I will. First, and most obvious is the crest. On the real jersey, it's a modernized version of that 1967 logo. There's a silver inner-outline and more spacing between the letters in TORONTO.

The top and bottom stripes on the sleeves and waist are thicker here than they should be, and the piping around the wrists doesn't exist on the actual sweater.

Obviously, we're looking at the work of a counterfeiter who's read multiple online reports of the fact that the Leafs' new third will resemble the 1967 jersey. So while this design is on the right track, it's still all wrong. Just thought you should know.