A New Season of IceHL!

If you love Icethetics and you love fantasy hockey, this is where those two worlds collide. For newer readers, the IceHL is a fantasy hockey league created from the ground up by Icethetics readers. They decided everything from cities to names to logos. Last season, for the first time, readers took ownership of 20 teams in an online fantasy league. And we're doing it again.

Sign up for an IceHL team now!

If you want in, click on the IceHL tab at the top of the page (or the link above), read the rules, and apply to get a team of your own for the 2011-12 season. We're looking for 17 new owners this season. Good luck!

And before you ask. I'm skipping the August JerseyWatch update. I have nothing new to report until the Jets unveil their uniforms. And that should happen in the next week or so.