Wild Mulling New Road Sweater?

There's another possible jersey redesign in the pipeline for 2013-14 — that's assuming the NHL has finally resumed by then. This lockout is well beyond absurd.

Report: Wild getting fan feedback on potential redesign

Recently an Icethetics reader emailed in to report that the Minnesota Wild are in the process of getting feedback from fans regarding a possible new road sweater design. I'm told that during a tour a couple of Wild fans were invited to take a look at two different concept designs and give their input.

The reader provided descriptions but got the information secondhand so the details are somewhat sketchy. I'm relaying them here but take them for what they're worth.

One was a white sweater with the large, Wild head crest on the front, vertical stripes are gone. Replaced with 2 horizontal green stripes on the arms. He said the "red was gone" from the shoulder yoke, but didn't specify whether the shoulders had any color left.

The other option was basically a reverse of the current alternates. Antique white base with the Minnesota Wild Script and green accents.

I'm eager to see what the Wild come up with if they do redesign the road sweater, if for no other reason than their current road uniforms are my least favorite. They just don't fit in well with the club's home and alternate jerseys. Very different look and feel. But it's one that was carried over from the team's inception in 2000 to the Reebok Edge league-wide redesign in 2007.

If this report pans out, what would be the timeline? As we've learned in the past, teams generally have until the end of December to make uniform changes for the following season. Check out the calendar. Assuming the team has its new design picked out this week, a change could certainly happen in time for next fall.

Another one to keep an eye on. Think we may need to get JerseyWatch 2013 started in the coming weeks to keep track of what's on the way because it's starting to add up.