Anaheim Preps Throwback Night

Photo from Anaheim Ducks

Mighty Ducks jerseys will see action again this Sunday

It's been seven years since we last saw them take the ice. But in just two days, the Anaheim Ducks will revive the Mighty Ducks for one game this weekend. On Sunday, the Ducks will host Throwback Night against the Ottawa Senators.

Photo from Brad Kirchhofer

Last month, Ducks season ticket holder Brad Kirchhofer sent in this photo of the game ticket, which features the classic Mighty Ducks logo. He also pointed out a couple of other ways the throwback logo was being used as part of the team's 20th anniversary promotions.

Photos from Anaheim Ducks

This week, the old eggplant and jade starting showing up at Ducks practices so players could break in their new gear before Sunday. We got a glimpse and gloves and pants on Tuesday and Wednesday. (There are plenty more photos at those two links if you're interested.)

It's my understanding, however, that the team will be wear Reebok Edge versions of the old Mighty Ducks jerseys, meaning we should see an updated collar and cut. But otherwise, it should be the spitting image of the old eggplant jersey.

Photos from Anaheim Ducks

The goalies got to test out their new equipment as well. The shots on the left and center are Viktor Fasth, who modeled his mask after Guy Hebert's. On the right, you can see Jonas Hiller in his throwback pads. The Ducks tweeted a photo of Hiller in his mask earlier today.

If all this has you feeling nostalgic, I dug up some photos of current Ducks players in the classic threads.

That's Francois Beauchemin, Corey Perry — as No. 61! — and Teemu Selanne as No. 13. Think of this as a sneak peek of what's to come on Sunday — only pre-Edge. Hopefully it won't look too much different.

Lastly, for non-Ducks fans, how about a look at a few familiar faces who you perhaps didn't know — or forgot — once donned the eggplant and jade?

That's Joffrey Lupul, Chris Kunitz and Sergei Fedorov. Truth be told, before I found that photo, I didn't know Lupul had played for Anaheim. But he did for a couple seasons a decade ago.

So who's excited for Sunday?!