Nike Unveils Czech Olympic Jerseys

Images from Nike

Manufacturer's run of unconventional designs continues

Earlier today, Nike unveiled the Czech Republic's new uniform set for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. They're another example of unorthodox sweater designs from the jersey maker. It's the fourth national team we've gotten a look at in the past six weeks.

In August, Nike showed us the jerseys for the U.S. and Russia. Then last month, the Canadian jerseys leaked — though they're scheduled to be unveiled officially on Tuesday.

But back to the Czechs. They'll essentially be draped in their national flag throughout the Olympic hockey tournament this winter. That gives us a primary jersey made up of three colors instead of one. The white jersey is a bit simpler. Front and center on both is the classic coat of arms.

Image from Nike

Worth noting is the lack of applique features on the shoulders like we've seen with the U.S., Russia and Canada. But the Czechs still share the faux lace-up collar. Like it or not — and most people seem to hate it — that seems to be a feature of all Nike jerseys going forward.

Speaking of which, based on the four we've seen so far, what are you expecting for some of the other national teams like Sweden, Finland and even Germany (since they didn't qualify, how about Switzerland)? What's next from Nike?