Design Firm Reveals Stars Concepts

Torch Creative via dribbble

Torch Creative releases concept logos designed for Dallas

What will the Dallas Stars look like next fall? That's still a big question mark. However, the design firm that's worked closely with the team in recent years has designed and released a pair of logo concepts via social media this past week.

Torch Creative is responsible for the logos above. After tweeting them out on Wednesday morning, the company posted more images — including the Stars' 20th anniversary logo — to their dribbble account the following day. As a reminder, here's that anniversary mark.

It's not clear from their tweets if Dallas-based Torch is working on the Stars' forthcoming rebranding or if those logos were just for fun. Have to think they put together a proposal at least.

In any case, Torch called the above logo concepts "the favorites." They don't specify whether it's their own favorites or the Stars'. Though presumably, if they were the team's favorites, they would've used them and we wouldn't be seeing them like this.

Torch Creative has done a lot of design work for the NHL, including the 2008 Winter Classic, the 2009 and 2011 All-Star Games, the Stanley Cup Playoffs logos, and much more. I recommend a trip to Torch's website to peruse some of their past work. It's very impressive.

What do you think of these logos? Could you see the Stars going with something like that next fall?