Did Dallas Leak Their Own Logos?

Screen shots from Zach Hutchison (via Stars iOS app)

Never-before-seen logos appear on Stars' mobile app

The Dallas Stars may have leaked their own logos tonight. Oops!

The logos aren't scheduled to be unveiled officially until June 4. But it appears the Stars themselves are responsible for an accidental leak, by way of the Wallpapers section of their own iOS mobile app. The images have since been removed, of course.

A user on the HFBoards web forum named "Zrhutch" posted what he says are screen shots from the app. Zrhutch is Zach Hutchison, who emailed me tonight to confirm he was among the first to spot and post these images. He made sure to grab them for us all to see.

Screen shots from Zach Hutchison (via Stars iOS app)

Now that you've seen them, what do you think? It's hard for me to doubt they're the real deal considering they showed up on the team's own mobile app. Are you surprised? Impressed or disappointed? Personally, I'm still formulating an opinion. Gut reaction is good though.

By the way, I would've had this news on the site sooner, but see there was this little breaking news event in my neck of the woods that kept me at work all night. (My contribution to our coverage tonight if you're interested.)