Blues Considering New Uniforms

St. Louis rumored to be making uniform changes

It got a little lost in the shuffle last week, but on Thursday we got the first report of potential changes to the St. Louis Blues uniforms from St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Jeremy Rutherford.

During a live chat with readers, he was asked if the Blues were among the teams considering a uniform update for next season. To which he replied:

I'm hearing whispers that there may be changes in store for the Blues' uniforms. Don't have any details whatsoever. But don't be surprised if we hear something.

It's news to me. The Blues were not on Reebok's list of teams making uniform changes for the 2013-14 season. Perhaps it's something in the works for the following year. Or maybe the Reebok list was incomplete. Who knows. Definitely keeping ear to the ground, though.

Personally I like the Blues' uniforms. If anything, I could see losing the piping for some more traditional striping and trim. You might think the obvious choice would be promoting the third jersey, but Rutherford had something surprising to say on that as well.

BigBruiser69: Heard Stillman is discussing probably scrapping 3rd logo. Any truth?

Rutherford: Haven't heard that specifically but could be true. Third logo has Dave Checketts imprints all over it. I know folks who would consider that a crime scene.

Tom Stillman bought the Blues a year ago from Checketts. What's odd about that exchange is I think many people would say that the best-looking sweater St. Louis has is their alternate. So the idea that the new owner would kill it just because it was conceived under his predecessor is silly.

I hope they keep it or some version of it. Even if they dump the Arch logo and go with the standard Blue Note. And I really hope they're not thinking of changing the Blue Note. Talk about a crime.

You have my thoughts. Let me have yours. Should the Blues change their uniforms? And if so, how?