Stars' New Look Coming June 4

Image from Dallas Stars

"Special event" scheduled for next month

The Dallas Stars will hold a special event on Tues., June 4 where — presumably — they will officially unveil their long-anticipated new logo and uniforms.

I say "presumably" because they're not strictly saying the new look will be revealed on that date. I, along with surely many others, received an invitation from the team this morning for a "special event." Accompanying that invite was the above photo — the big date spelled out in generic white jerseys.

Do the math.

Unfortunately, Dallas is a bit of a haul from Seattle, so I won't be able to attend — though I'm grateful for the opportunity. The event takes place at 6 PM local time (4 PT) so I'd expect to see images online around that time.

The countdown begins! Who's excited to see what they've come up with?