Building the Canes' New Look

Photos from Carolina Hurricanes (via Instagram)

Hurricanes add more teasers to Instagram

On the last day of May, the Carolina Hurricanes are continuing the daily sneak peeks at their new sweaters, being referred to as the "New Storm."

In the last two images, we got a few more insights into the new design. Thursday's photo showed what looks to be the left sleeve of the home jersey. But many have questioned whether the number is white or gray/silver. The dramatic lighting is not our friend here. What's your call?

In today's release, we get the left shoulder of the road sweater. I'm basing that on what looks to be a swatch of white in the lower left corner of the photo. That would make the visible red area part of the shoulder yoke. From this angle, it looks like the secondary logo may be gone — or we may just be looking up too high on the shoulder to see it.

The black collar then seems to be confirmed for both sweaters. Now all that's left to figure out is the striping. Two more photos are scheduled to be posted this weekend — so by then we'll have all the team wants to give us ahead of the actual unveiling on June 4. That happens at noon ET.