Islanders GM Talks Jerseys, Logo

How about a little news that's not about Dallas or Carolina? On Monday, New York Islanders general manager Garth Snow spoke with members of the Islanders Booster Club as part of a Q&A session. Jesse from IslesNation wrote up a piece detailing the discussion, which included some jersey and logo talk.

Special sweaters to be worn for all Stadium Series games

Snow confirmed that all teams participating in next winter's Stadium Series, including the Islanders, will all have specially designed jerseys for their outdoor games. (We've already seen the uniforms that will be worn by Detroit and Toronto for the actual Winter Classic.)

"Our focus regarding jerseys has been to come up with an outdoor jersey," Snow said, according to IslesNation. "It won’t be too much different than what we wear now but every team has a different jersey that they wear for it."

It even sounds like the design is done and a prototype has been produced. Snow went on to say he's seen it: "I can say from the pictures of it, it’s a sharp jersey. I think everybody will like it, but it won’t be drastically different from what we wear now."

Does that mean we'll get a standard Isles jersey with retro beige replacing white? I hope not. Or is it possible we'll get a "fauxback" style design instead?

For a recap, click here to see the six outdoor match-ups we're supposed to get in 2014. The NHL has confirmed all but the Senators-Canucks game in Vancouver.

Isles may get new third jersey in Brooklyn

Snow was also asked about whether the Islanders' regular uniforms would change when the club moves to Brooklyn to play at the Barclays Center in the next couple years.

"I'm not gonna get into the whole Brooklyn situation," Snow said. "To my knowledge, it'll be all the same jerseys and colors. Will there be a new third jersey? Probably."

That's a new one but not altogether surprising. The black jersey has not been received well by fans. I can only imagine that's translating to lousy sales. But I'm only guessing. If the Isles debut a new third when they move, that opens the door for a lot of possibilities. What would you like to see?

Snow ended the jersey/logo conversation by saying: "The information I have is that we’re going to keep the same logo, the same history."

True, you can't get rid of your history. But it's good to hear they're not planning to change the logo — though I wouldn't mind seeing a new crest on a Brooklyn third jersey.

Lots to discuss. Now that we know we're getting outdoor jerseys for everybody, what do you hope to see? And how can the Isles come up with a new third that everyone will like? Is that even possible?