Sabres Sneak Another Glimpse

Photo from Buffalo Sabres (via Facebook)Today was an odd sort of non-stop day for me. That's why I'm only now getting around to writing about a new third jersey photo the Buffalo Sabres shared 15 hours ago.

Incidentally, if any fans of The Postal Service are reading, you should know they put on a good live show. Though the music's the same as it was a decade ago.

But back to the point. The Sabres revealed another ambiguous look at their forthcoming new sweater on Thursday morning. It doesn't really show us anything we haven't seen before.

However, I have to follow-up on some tweets I wrote earlier today. In response to some saying parts of the jersey were clearly grey, I said I wasn't convinced.

Remember that busy day I've been having? I'd only seen this photo on my tiny smartphone screen. But when I got home tonight and got a better look on a proper computer screen, Idecided to change my tune.

I'm joining the group that says the bottom half of the sleeves are grey. The stripe down the arm, however, I'm less sure of. Still could be white. The lighting in this photo does seem a bit odd.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on what we've seen so far. For more, take a look at my review of the sneak peek video from last Friday.