Wild Reveal First Jersey Teaser

Image from Minnesota Wild

Photo shows green shoulders and two-tone collar

Photo from Minnesota Wild (via Twitter)The Minnesota Wild will unveil their new road uniform this Sunday, Sept. 1 at the Minnesota State Fair. Until then, though, they're releasing new teaser images every day on their website and social media platforms.

A new splash page on their official website (above) shows this first image, which you can also find on Facebook and Twitter.

The first of seven images was released this morning. So what does it tell us? First, based on the marketing slogan, "White Hot.", it's probably a safe bet this will be a white jersey — and not wheat-colored or anything.

And yet, there's not a speck of white in the photo released today (right). It's all green and red. So we know the shoulders are green and the collar is two-toned, green and red.

The other thing we can tell from the cut of the collar is that this will be another lace-up jersey. They already have the ties on their home and alternate jerseys, so it was just a matter of time for this one.

But there's something else about this jersey. It looks to me like an oversized shoulder yoke. On most Reebok Edge jerseys with the yoke/lace-up combo, the yoke ends at the corner of the collar or just above it. See these close-up examples from 2007.

Reebok Edge jerseys / Minnesota Wild & New York Islanders

The yoke on this new Wild jersey continues down. How far, we can't tell from this photo. I don't think this jersey or its template will look much like anything that's come before it. Just a hunch. I could be proved wrong tomorrow with the next teaser image.

What's your take on it? Are you excited to see what the Wild have planned?