New Wild Road Jersey Revealed

Photos from Minnesota Wild

Promotional photos show up online 12 hours early

Whether intentional or not, the Minnesota Wild revealed their new road uniform on their official website late Saturday night — well before the anticipated Sunday morning unveiling event. So we're now getting to see the whole thing in all its glory.

First impressions? I like it. I was wrong about the shoulder yoke. Looked rounded in this morning's photo but obviously they've gone the same route as Carolina with the squared off design. It's a look I'm a big of — and Zach Parise is certainly no stranger to it after all his years in New Jersey.

Photos from Minnesota Wild

It's a solid design. Logo looks great, the colors are sharp. But more importantly, this design fits beautifully alongside the home and alternate jerseys. The old white one was just starting to feel out of place. This one instantly feels like it belongs. And I get the sense that's why the team decided a change was needed in the first place.

What's your take? Stare at it for a few minutes and then maybe write some stuff in the comments.