NHL 2013-14 Third Jersey Schedules

The Carolina Hurricanes have new home and road sweaters this season, but that doesn't mean they're losing the popular black third jersey. In fact, they recently released a schedule that outlines the 12 games in which they'll be wearing it. 

The Canes will wear black 11 times at home and once on the road toward the end of the season. It'll make its season debut on Sun., Oct. 13 for an afternoon game against Phoenix.

Additionally, the Hurricanes point out that fans will get to see the new road jersey at home a couple times this year.

They'll sport white at PNC Arena when they host Tampa Bay on Fri., Nov. 1 and against Columbus on Sat., March 29.

I plan to add more third jersey schedules to this blog post as I come across them. Let me know if you spot any — specifically the Sabres' as I'd love to know when that one debuts!