Canada May Have a Black Third Jersey

Report: Black sweater would feature gold stripes

Take a good hard look. This jersey or something like it may be an option for Canada during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, according to an anonymous report.

On a tip provided by a secondhand source through, I asked frequent Icethetics concept contributor Steven Grant to illustrate his interpretation of the tipster's description. While I'm not able to publish the description provided to Icethetics, I can tell you that Steven has done an excellent job bringing it to life.

Whether or not it's accurate remains to be seen. We should find out for sure on Oct. 8. That's when Hockey Canada and Nike are planning to unveil the new 2014 uniforms.

The tip actually came prior to Roberto Luongo spilling the beans publicly on the fact that Canada will have three jerseys — unless it was just misinformation. According to Wyatt Arndt, a blogger for The Province in Vancouver, Luongo said he's seen the jerseys but wouldn't comment further.

Concept artist imagines white version of leaked jersey

As all of Canada surely knows by now, the country's new red jersey was leaked via Getty Images on Thursday. With that in mind, I asked Steven Grant to illustrate that jersey as well as a white version.

From the leaked photo, it's not clear whether the white stripe across the front wraps around to the back. So for the sake of simplicity when it comes to the back numbers, Steven has cut off the stripe along the sides. He's also guessing that the glossy elements on the shoulders are maple leaves.

Steven then created an inverted white version. And to insert some symmetry into an otherwise asymmetrical jersey, Steven's white version has the lone sleeve stripe on the opposite arm. Other than that, the jersey has all the same features with the red swapped for white.

Canadians, what do you think? A black third jersey for the Olympics? How often would you want to see your team sporting it? Among these three designs, do you have a favorite?