Ducks' third to become home sweater

Orange County Register writer Eric Stephens says the Anaheim Ducks may have new home and road sweaters next fall.

No more wordmark! Wahoo!

Stephens didn't specifically say there would be a white version added as a road jersey, but it makes sense the team would want matching sweaters.

That news followed the unveiling of the Ducks' Stadium Series jersey. It would be simple enough for that to become the new third — though it may not be popular enough among fans.

I've seen mixed reviews from Icethetics readers. You've got those that love it, hate it and are indifferent to it — in seemingly equal parts. Let's find out for sure with the poll on the right.


February 2, 2014: The story gets complicated now. Ducks P.R. guy Adam Brady is refuting that tweet by reporter Eric Stephens.

Brady holds live chats with fans on the Ducks' website during games. In the chat on Jan. 30, he fielded questions related to Stephens' report. Below are the relevant parts of that conversation.

7:08 GuyOnken: Adam, do you know anything about the Ducks using the alternate as the normal home jersey (and adding a white version of it for the road) next year?

7:09 Adam Brady: That hasn't been determined yet.

7:09 intangibletan: but... are you saying there is a chance?

7:09 Adam Brady: I'm not

7:09 TecKaHoLiC: Still any rumors of ducks getting new road jersey next year?

7:09 Adam Brady: It's possible. I'm not at liberty to say.

7:09 V_Shiltz: If only the throwback jerseys could be the 3rds...

7:09 Adam Brady: They can be the 4ths

7:10 Cooksta77: What's all this talk about the 3rd becoming the home and a version of the Stadium Series jersey becoming the new 3rd?

7:10 Adam Brady: Not accurate

If you're confused by Brady's responses, join the club. With regard to a change in jerseys, he says it hasn't been determined — but he's not saying there's a chance — but it's possible — but it's not accurate.

All I know for sure is it's still an open conversation that this point. And that's all I need for now. I expect better information to be available later this summer.

By the way, Brady was also asked about the Stadium Series uniform.

7:07 intangibletan: Will we see the orange jerseys again this year?

7:07 Adam Brady: Unlikely.

Now you're caught up on what I know. Hat tip to Tyler Mata for pointing me to the live chat jersey conversation.