Canucks freak out Vancouver with green fashion jersey

Photos: @canucksstore via Instagram / @QuinnMellCobb via Twitter

The Vancouver Canucks made waves by introducing an eye-catching new product to their team store this week — a green fashion jersey featuring a Johnny Canuck crest.

Let's start by defining "fashion jersey" for the uninitiated. The first thing to know is that it is not a game jersey. You won't see the Sedin twins wearing it on the ice. It is produced solely as a piece of team merchandise no different from a hoodie or T-shirt emblazoned with a club logo.

It's difficult for many Icethetics readers to understand fashion jerseys because we tend to want the real deal or nothing. So these threads are generally targeted to a younger crowd less interested in tradition and more interested in what looks "cool."

In fact, there's a popular line of fashion jerseys out right now from Reebok called Cross Check. They're dark grey with black stripes and an accent color.

Screen shot from

Those are very obviously not game jerseys.

So the reason for all the commotion in Vancouver is that this green jersey is manufactured to look like the Reebok Edge Premier (replica) version of a game jersey. Leading to the obvious question: Are the Canucks going to wear these at some point?

Instinct tells me no. This is probably more of a fan marketing strategy than an effort to rebrand the franchise on the ice. Having said that, if they sell well, anything is possible.

By the way, Icethetics has showcased green Johnny Canuck jersey concepts in the past. Last year, Rob Sulava created one that feels quite similar to what's hanging on a store shelf in Vancouver right now. And another design from Ben Macdonald in January even uses all the same logos.

I praised the use of the full body Johnny Canuck logo in those concepts, but seeing it here in the real world — not really a fan. Just looks out of place. I'll still push to see the V logo front and center at some point, though. And I'm absolutely convinced the Canucks should introduce a green jersey option immediately. What are they waiting for?

What do you think of this jersey? If you're a Canucks fan, will you buy one?