Blackhawks will unveil 2015 Winter Classic jersey Wednesday

The wait is nearly over for our first glimpse at the sweater the Chicago Blackhawks will wear to the 2015 NHL Winter Classic in Washington, D.C.

The team announced this afternoon that the jersey will be unveiled tomorrow at 5 PM CT — and it will be streamed live on their website.

The Washington Capitals, who are hosting the big New Year's Day game this season, showed us their uniform back in September.

It's red which tells us the Blackhawks are likely to wear white or the ever present "vintage white" that's gripped the NHL in recent years.

Earlier today, though, a Chicago sports bar called The Pony got people excited with a tweet implying this is what the new jersey would look like.

Before you get excited, I have to point out that this is nothing more than a well-executed fan-made concept designed by Ryan Haslett, a friend of Icethetics (he's actually featured on the Concepts page today). The design was posted in August.

The bar's graphic artist obviously just grabbed the first thing he found in a Google search. Dope.

Here's the full version of Ryan's work.

Concept art by Ryan Haslett, HJC

For the record, since the bar's tweet was getting so much play, the Hawks did eventually reference it.

Looking forward to the sneak peeks as well as the big unveil. Tomorrow looks to be a fun day for all us jersey geeks!

Washington Capitals' 2015 NHL Winter Classic uniform