First Look: See the 2015 NHL Stadium Series jersey designs

The 2015 NHL Stadium Series game at Levi's Stadium in February between the Sharks and Kings will introduce an all new uniform style. The designs have yet to be officially unveiled, but details have made their way to Icethetics.

This afternoon I received a photo which appears to show the jersey the San Jose Sharks will wear for that big outdoor game a couple months from now in Santa Clara. However, I'm not able to share that photo here on the blog at this time. (UPDATE: Now I can share it!)

Instead, I've engaged the enormous talents of concept artist Matt McElroy, whose brilliant work appears frequently on Icethetics. (He's also contributed amazing work to our fantasy league — the IceHL. This season he's even a GM.)

I gave Matt all the necessary details and asked him to assemble a rendering of the jersey.

San Jose Sharks 2015 Stadium Series jersey // rendering for Icethetics by Matt McElroy

The design may ring a bell if you were paying attention to Twitter last night.

What I saw in the photo lends credence to a report yesterday from Mayor's Manor regarding the design of the Los Angeles Kings' 2015 Stadium Series jersey. The site included its own rendering from another regular Icethetics concept contributor, Justin Cox.

Based on that report in combination with the Sharks photo and an Instagram tease from the Team LA store, reported here Monday, I'm confident that the Kings' jersey will look like this.

Los Angeles Kings 2015 Stadium Series jersey // rendering for Icethetics by Matt McElroy

Eagle-eyed readers will pick up on the fact that the wall of the new Team LA store in that Instagram photo is painted just like the jersey, grey on top and white on the bottom with a thick black stripe through the middle. What a clever teaser that turned out to be!

Again, I am confident in these renderings based on the information and photos I've seen. I wouldn't post it here if I weren't. But nothing's official until it's official. So, you know, don't go getting the designs tattooed on your forehead just yet.

For those who just want to wait on official information, the Team LA store will be the site of the Kings' jersey unveiling on Tues., Dec. 16. I also understand the Sharks should unveil theirs sometime before that. No word on an official date just yet.

Finally, I have to offer a huge thanks to Matt McElroy for creating the visuals for this report!

So what do you think of these half-and-half Stadium Series jersey designs?