Flames ditch third jersey on Western night

Calgary is 0-8 this season in the new threads

Athletes are a superstitious bunch. Everyone knows that. But it seems to have shown up in a tangible way Saturday night as the Calgary Flames made a last-minute decision not to wear their new third jerseys.

After all they are 0-8 this season while wearing them. But this was Western Night — a theme night perhaps tailor made for a jersey with obvious western influences. The "C of Red" became a sea of white cowboy hats while the Flames wore their standard red home sweaters.

As it happens, Calgary won in overtime on a Mikael Backlund goal and extended a home winning streak to five games. Was it because of their jersey choice? We'll never know.

What we do know is the Flames announced the new sweater would be worn for 12 home games during the 2013-14 season. Either that number now drops to 11 or another date will be added.

I have a hunch it's the latter. What about you?


Superstition was definitely to blame Saturday night. During his post game press conference, Flames coach Bob Hartley straight up admitted it.

Reporter: Did you have any say in what uniforms your team wore tonight?

Hartley: Yesterday I talked to Brian [Burke]. I said we're playing so well right now. I said, "Can we just keep going?"

Brian said, "Let me check." He got back with me and said, "Yeah I can help you that way."

Sometimes little superstitions... sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

Thanks to Caleb for the video link!