Alleged prototype Lightning jersey offered on ebay

Here's something unexpected. A listing recently appeared on ebay claiming to offer a prototype Tampa Bay Lightning jersey from the original Reebok Edge launch. Is it true?

As we know, the Lightning were among a handful of teams to introduce new logos to go with their new Reebok threads. So it makes sense that the Bolts looked at a number of designs before settling on what they did in 2007.

The listing includes almost a dozen photos — all of which can be seen in the slideshow above. The question is, are they legitimate?

The logos seen on this jersey are clearly alternate versions of logo they ultimately went with. And the NHL shield on the neckline is spot on — something knock off artists have never been able to properly master.

There's also a tag pictured that dates the jersey to December 2006 — exactly the time teams would've been looking at prototypes for a summer 2007 launch. So if I had to guess, I'd say it's probably the real deal.

It's a rather considerable leap from Tampa Bay's actual jersey design from 2007 — specifically with regard to the sleeves and number designs, which I actually like better speaking as a Bolts fan. The team was definitely considering a wild new look. Unfortunately, it got toned down a lot and was eventually replaced four years later by new ownership.

As for the listing, the user wants $999.99 for it. Too rich for me, but it would definitely be a unique addition for a major jersey collector and/or Lightning fan.

Don't forget, the Lightning have a new black third jersey in the works for next season. So maybe there's still a chance of seeing something like this.

This is the actual Reebok Edge jersey design the Lightning went with in 2007.

This is the actual Reebok Edge jersey design the Lightning went with in 2007.