Islanders offer peek at commemorative Coliseum logo

An NHL team has now taken the distasteful step of sharing unique content on the silly platform that is Snapchat. I'm disappointed.

This morning, the New York Islanders offered followers a sneak peek at the logo that will be used to commemorate their upcoming final season at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

New York Islanders via Snapchat

From what we can see, the mark bears the Isles' primary logo, the years 1972 and (presumably) 2015, and the four Stanley Cups won during this time.

Beginning in the 2015-16 season, the Islanders will move to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

By the way, I really hope this Snapchat thing doesn't catch on around the NHL. For one thing, the audience is too young to care about a logo commemorating an old building. Then again, if they're just looking to expand their social media presence, I guess it worked on us.

UPDATE · Aug 20 · And there's another one. The Islanders went to Snapchat again to share a second teaser image of the logo today. Not sure this hype is going to pay off in any way.

New York Islanders via Snapchat

No, I am sure. It won't.

UPDATE · Aug 21 · Well, it's over now. The Isles took to Snapchat one last time this morning to reveal the full logo — perhaps realizing that to drag it out any longer would be the very definition of pointless.

New York Islanders via Snapchat

From a design standpoint, good grief. So much text. So many wrong colors — Islander blue is not that bright and I count about six different shades of grey. So many different heights for all the Cups.

But I'll stop. It is what it is. And now it's out there.

UPDATE · Aug 23 · One last update to this post with a look at the logo in the wild. Looks better in patch and puck form than it did on Snapchat.