Capitals unveil all new 2015 NHL Winter Classic uniform

The Washington Capitals surprised us by opting against their original red jersey for the 2015 NHL Winter Classic. In fact, the sweater they unveiled this morning at Nationals Park is unlike anything the franchise has ever worn.

As you can see in the photos above, the Caps went with a look that's much older than the team itself. But according to the press release, they're celebrating all of D.C.'s hockey history.

The primary color for the Capitals’ Winter Classic uniform is vintage deep red to symbolize hockey’s deep roots in Washington.
The stripes on the shoulders, waist and legs bring in elements of Washington professional hockey jerseys from the 1930’s, predating the Capitals’ formation in the 1970s.
A large “W” on the front of the jersey is offset in blue to contrast the white Capitals wordmark and features a silhouette of the Washington Monument, offering a unique look never seen before in franchise history.

I love seeing teams introduce new jerseys, so I am a big fan of this design. As much as I would've liked the red throwback, I still would've found it a bit lazy.

More than that, this is a great design. It incorporates historical elements and looks like no other NHL sweater. What's not to love?

One element I like is the many nods to the Washington Monument. The middle of the W and and all the As have it — even the alternate captain's patch.

So much about this jersey is incredible. I swear it's like something I've seen on the Concepts page before. Now that I mention it, we should really revisit a couple designs by Nick Sample and Brian Brideau. Those guys were obviously on to something.

By the way, Dump 'n Chase has an interesting read on the uniform's yearlong design process.

2015 NHL Winter Classic logo

Also revealed today for the first time was the 2015 NHL Winter Classic logo itself. It's a solid design and even has a bit of a holiday feel which will fit in perfectly leading up to the big game.

Conspicuously absent from this morning's unveilings was the uniform the Chicago Blackhawks will wear on New Year's Day. 

Photo from Washington Capitals via Twitter

Signage around the ballpark clearly showed the Hawks' current primary logo rather than any kind of retro version like the one they used at Wrigley Field in 2009. Is that just a placeholder until they can stage a reveal of their own? Or will their jerseys simply feature that logo?

We'll have to wait a little longer to find out. The Blackhawks have not yet set an unveiling.

Until then, what do you think of the Capitals' new Winter Classic jersey?