Another old Lightning prototype jersey turns up online

The recent leak of Minnesota's NHL Stadium Series jersey got me thinking about other unofficial jerseys that the Internet has delivered to us. Remember this prototype Tampa Bay Lightning jersey that showed up on eBay last year?

Now there's another one!

A current eBay listing is offering a "rejected prototype" Reebok Edge jersey which looks almost identical to the one above — but for some altered colors.

Unfortunately, the seller is looking for $850. Steep.

In this version, it appears the blue and grey/silver have been swapped in several areas including the sleeves and around the collar. Like the previous prototype, it's dated to December 2006.

The tag also includes the word "proto" and two numbers, just like the other jersey. On last year's jersey the numbers are 1189 and 1190. On this jersey, the numbers are 1189 and 1192. I have no earthly idea what they meant but there they are.

What do you think? Would a design like this have worked for the Lightning?