Red Wings tease jersey for 2016 Stadium Series

Tomorrow night the Detroit Red Wings will unveil their 2016 NHL Stadium Series jersey. Today, however, they gave us a preview with a clever series of Instagram posts.

This afternoon, the team posted six images to its account, which when stitched together (or viewed on their profile page) form a larger single photo that shows the collar and shoulders of the new sweater.

On the outside of the collar on the left reads "RED WINGS." Their opponent for the outdoor game will be the Avalanche, whose collar reads "5280" in the same location — referring to the number of feet in a mile, a nod to Denver as the Mile High City.

The inside of the collar, not visible while the jersey is being worn, reads "EST. 1926." Think about that. The Red Wings franchise will be 90 years old in 2016!

Featured on the shoulders are the logos we'd expect, the Red Wings primary mark on the left and the Stadium Series logo on the right.

It's not seen in this photo, but a leak in August revealed the new crest design, which will be a modernized and stylized version of the "D" used on the crest of the original Detroit Cougars jersey in 1926. (Thanks to Matt McElroy for his re-creation of the logo, displayed above.)

In the final image of the series, there's a caption that reads, "Full reveal tomorrow night, stay tuned Hockeytown."

The Wings aren't in action this week until Wednesday night so I'd have to guess the reveal will happen online. Keep an eye on their social media accounts to be the first to see it.

LINKS: Red Wings on Facebook · Red Wings on Instagram · Red Wings on Twitter

In other Stadium Series news, Michael Russo of the Star-Tribune in Minneapolis tweeted a detail of note last night. Sounds like the Wild's outdoor jersey will come this week too!

UPDATE · Nov 23 · And now it's official. The Minnesota Wild tweeted this morning that they will unveil their Stadium Series jersey on Tuesday.

All but the collar is blacked out in this promotional image. But the collar design is the same as what we saw on the leaked jersey. It's the same as the previously unveiled Avalanche Stadium Series jersey — and very close to the new Islanders' third for that matter.