Is this the Minnesota Wild's Stadium Series jersey?

An eBay listing showed up this morning which appears to feature the new jersey the Minnesota Wild will wear at their 2016 NHL Stadium Series game.

Nothing in the listing specifically describes the item as a "Stadium Series" jersey per se, but the evidence is in the two photos included.

First, the jersey pictured uses the same template as the Stadium Series jersey recently revealed by Colorado — from the collar style to the sleeve striping and shoulder yoke.

This sweater also features the enlarged and elongated numbers found on all NHL Stadium Series jerseys since 2014 (the Devils excluded).

There's also a new shoulder patch. It's the "State of Hockey" logo that the Wild have been using in their marketing efforts for years. But this would be the first time it's ever been used on a jersey.

To my educated eye, this looks to be a genuine Reebok creation. In fact, it's a Reebok Edge Premier jersey — which is how the company brands replicas. You can tell that from the tag on the front.

No word yet from the Wild on when the jersey will be officially announced. The game takes place Feb. 21, 2016 at TCF Bank Stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

Now over to you. Do you think this is the jersey? What do you make of the cookie-cutter design being implemented by the NHL?