Kings debut gold throwback sweater for Legends Night

The Los Angeles Kings hit the ice Thursday night sporting a color they haven't worn in 27 years — their new gold Legends Night uniform!

The Kings last wore gold jerseys in 1988 but this particular look is a throwback to their original uniforms from the late 1960s and early '70s.

It's an eye-catching look, but is it better than the purple (or "Forum blue") throwback threads they had been wearing since the 2010-11 season?

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As for me, I love these yellow jerseys. They contrast well with the purple pants and stand out on the ice. But I really did like the purple sweaters. It's a color you just don't see anywhere else in the NHL. 

In the last few years, Nashville has laid claim to gold with the new home uniforms they launched in 2011. Dallas just invented its own color in Victory Green. And San Jose has owned teal for 24 years.

The Kings should really take this opportunity to lay claim to a color no other team can. Purple may not be considered "manly" but it's all in how you use it.

The black and purple of the late '90s was a reaction to the era. And it sort of stuck through the 2000s. The choice to return to the Gretzky-era black and silver wasn't poorly conceived, just poorly executed.

Even as L.A. has transitioned to that stark palette, I give them credit for keeping their original gold and purple around. But three games a year simply isn't enough. They need to own it.

But that's just one opinion. What's yours?

Kings' Legends Night uniform, 2010—2014

Kings' Legends Night uniform, 2010—2014