Flyers send email blast with fan-altered Devils logo

Some concerned Philadelphia Flyers fans have contacted me over the last few days asking about an unusual New Jersey Devils logo seen in an email from the Flyers.

On Wednesday, the Flyers sent an email blast to fans regarding the the club's 2015-16 preseason schedule with details on how to purchase tickets. Included in the email was a graphic that shows the logos of the teams the Flyers will be facing in a calendar grid.

It shouldn't take anyone here very long to realize that is not the Devils' logo. (The sharp corner of the N should be rounded.) A few people wondered if the Devils are changing their logo and if it was accidentally leaked here by the Flyers.

That is absolutely not the case. You can find out for yourself with the simplest Google search. Just type in "new jersey devils logo" and you'll see what I mean.

Oddly enough, the second result returned is the logo in question. Click on it to see where it originates. It's a site called Hockey By Design — whose subject matter isn't dissimilar from what we do here at Icethetics.

The blog post that features the altered logo was part of a countdown of the best logos in the NHL, conducted back in 2011. In it the writer discusses ways to improve the Devils logo. (I completely disagree that this would be one, but that's irrelevant.)

How this image ended up in an official email from the Flyers is anyone's guess. My guess? An inexperienced graphic designer with little to no knowledge of the NHL was asked to create artwork for an email blast and turned to Google instead of an official channel to find logos.

So fans of good design need not worry. The Devils are not changing their logo. It was just a glaring error by someone in the Flyers' marketing department. How embarrassing.