Mississippi RiverKings unveil new look with Icethetics connection

The Mississippi RiverKings of the little known Southern Professional Hockey League will sport a striking new look beginning next season.

Today the team unveiled a new set of logos and uniforms — whose level of quality is miles beyond what we normally see in small-market semi-pro hockey. And there's a good reason for it.

It turns out the RiverKings hired Studio 1344 to handle their rebrand. Why is that significant? Those of you who have followed Icethetics from the very beginning — we're talking 2007 and 2008 — will fondly remember the unusual pseudonym GhettoFarmBoy.

GFB is known to the real world as Matt Kauzlarich, founder of Studio 1344 in Detroit, Michigan. Matt is no stranger to world of minor league hockey branding, having been hired by the Quad City Mallards and Fort Wayne Komets in recent years.

Matt produced brilliant work as he attempted to rebrand NHL teams during the brief period of time he showcased his work on Icethetics. He's obviously since gone on to much bigger and much better things and I couldn't be happier seeing him doing the work he deserves to be doing.

As for the RiverKings, they became the best-looking team in the SPHL today. Easily.

But we do have to say goodbye to the turtle, which has represented the franchise since 2000, when it was a member in the Central Hockey League.

I'll leave you now with a look at the club's new uniforms. What do you think of the overall look?

For more from Matt and the RiverKings on the collaboration, check out this video.