Sharks' throwback jersey leaked by local hockey store

It's been a great week for impatient jersey geeks. For the third time since Thursday an NHL team is dealing with the fallout of a leaked jersey.

This afternoon brought the apparently unauthorized reveal of the San Jose Sharks throwback jersey.

Originally from @hockeygiant_sj via Instagram

A San Jose hockey store, Hockey Giant, posted the above photo to Instagram and then abruptly removed it — perhaps after it began to spread via Twitter.

Their website shows they're an "official sponsor" of the Sharks so I can't imagine the team was too thrilled about the post which undermined their own unveiling.

But that wasn't our only look at the jersey.

Posted by @aj_strong via Twitter

Another photo that came to my attention shortly after was tweeted by @aj_strong, who later credited the original to a Twitter account, @twentyonepucks, which no longer seems to exist.

The photo appears to show the jersey hanging on a rack likely in the same store — judging by the carpet. It also gives us a better look at the details.

You may notice a distinct difference in the shade of teal seen in the two photos. It's not your screen. We can probably blame an Instagram filter or two.

As for the exact shade of teal, it's anyone's guess. The Sharks have changed their shade over the years but the color doesn't often get reproduced properly in digital photos — in my experience.

With the process explained I can move onto the content of the photos. Guys! This is a solid Reebok Edge remake of the Sharks' original uniform — right down to the classic shoulder patches!

In June, the Sharks teased a "heritage jersey" as part of their 25th anniversary celebration. Last week they announced the jersey will be worn for three nights:

  • Nov. 3 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Dec. 1 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Jan. 18 vs. Ottawa Senators

Curious that they're all Eastern Conference opponents as opposed to their west coast rivals.

What do you think of the jersey?