All the logos of 2016 NHL All-Star Weekend

The NHL All-Star Game is one of the most highly-branded events of the hockey calendar and this year's in Nashville is no different. The logos number in the dozens. And as usual, they were expertly created by the talented folks at Fanbrandz.

By the way, for some fascinating insights into the design process, I highly recommend checking out the firm's blog entry on the topic. The early concepts are especially cool.

Now let's take a look at everything!

These, of course, are the primary logos. The unsponsored logo (on yellow) is what you'll see on the shoulders of the players' jerseys tonight. The Honda-sponsored version is used for applications just about everywhere else.

There are also at least a half-dozen secondary marks — more when you count the many color variations not pictured here. Seems there are logos for every possible purpose.

Up next are the logos for the fan-centric aspects of NHL All-Star — including Fan Fair and the Winter Park in Nashville. There are also a couple versions of the All-Star Fan Vote logos.

The variety continues into new color territory when you look at the jerseys, which are black and white with gold accents pulled from the Predators' palette.

Bear in mind there are only two sweater designs to be split among four All-Star teams. The traditional All-Star Game has morphed into a 3-on-3 three-game tournament this year.

The final will come down to the standard East vs. West showdown, but the first round will feature divisional games — the Central against the Pacific on the Western Conference side and the Atlantic opposing the Metropolitan in the Eastern Conference. So there are more logos.

The red and blue star-speckled NHL shields from 2011 and 2012 return here to represent the two conferences in addition to the pick-shaped divisional logos, which are clearly intended for this game only. Future divisional All-Star teams will require new logos.

By the way, speaking of custom pick-shaped logos, don't forget about these.

That's a lot of logos already, right? But we still have one more batch. The NHL All-Star Skills Competition took place last night and featured special sponsored logos for each of the six events. Not pictured here are the horizontal versions of each mark.

So many logos. But that's why Icethetics exists after all.

And we'll be right back here again a year from now with the same thing, no doubt. The NHL has selected the Los Angeles Kings, who will be celebrating their 50th anniversary, to host the 2017 NHL All-Star Game.

The last time L.A. hosted was 2002 and this was the logo.

Can't wait to see what we get next year!