Leafs, Wings unveil Centennial Classic sweaters

On Jan. 1, 2017, the NHL Centennial Classic will be held at BMO Field in Toronto. The league's newest outdoor event will see the Toronto Maple Leafs hosting the Detroit Red Wings.

And today, both teams finally revealed the jerseys they'll be wearing for the big game.

The Leafs will sport their trademark blue with a large white stripe across the middle of the chest around the sleeves. It's not unlike what they wore in the 1920s as the Toronto St. Pats — apart from the green.

With the four thin stripes around the arms, the Wings are calling back to a jersey from the late 1920s back when they were known as the Cougars.

Both teams are using modern crests with a bit of shiny silver incorporated into the designs.

Based on a video posted the Leafs website, it was believed they might be wearing a replica Arenas jersey for this game. While that's obviously not the case, the Arenas will be represented in the uniform with that "T" on the pants.

It does make me wonder about that Arenas jersey, however. Perhaps it's a throwback for use later in the Leafs' 100th season? It appears to be a newer Reebok Edge jersey so it'd be odd not to see it in action at some point.

As for the Wings, they have a silver stripe above the elbow that contains the years of the 11 Stanley Cups they've won in franchise history.

Couple of sharp jerseys there — classic hockey sweaters all around.

Fitting as this event will officially mark the start of the NHL Centennial which runs throughout the 2017 calendar year.