World Cup of Hockey uniforms to be unveiled March 2

We will see the first Adidas-designed hockey sweaters of the new NHL contract on Wed., March 2. That's the day the World Cup of Hockey jerseys will be unveiled. But this week the league revealed teaser photos of each team's uniforms. Take a look.

ORIGINAL POST · Feb 23 · Today the NHL shared a series of sneak previews via their social media channels. We got to see bits and pieces of the jerseys for Team Canada, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

In this set we see what appears to be a new crest for the Canadians sweaters. Disappointingly, Adidas couldn't help themselves with the three-stripe design that appears to run vertically under the arms or the sublimation. Will it be the Nike 2014 Olympic jerseys all over again?

Looks like nothing can be simple for Adidas. Check out the weird designs stitched into the three gold crowns on the Swedish uniform. Hopefully they're keeping the striping simple.

Honestly, I can't make anything of the Czech sweater. But it does look like a new type design is visible on the nameplate. At least I think that's the nameplate.

What do you think of these sneak peeks? Are you excited about next Wednesday or dreading it?

UPDATE · Feb 24 · Looks like more jersey teasers are coming from the NHL today.

Team North America is essentially a young stars team made up of American and Canadian players who wouldn't necessarily have the experience to make their country's team. Looks like their colors will be black and orange. You know, because they're young and cool.

Note the Roman numeral XXIII, meaning 23, which is a reference to the maximum age of the players on this particular team. 

Then came a quick look at the Finnish sweater — which really shows us nothing except that it's blue and white. Big surprise there. 

Finally, late this afternoon came a sneak peek at the rather creative looking European jersey — for a team comprised of European players not from Sweden, Finland, or the Czech Republic.

There are eight teams taking part in the 2016 World Cup of Hockey and we've seen six jersey previews so far. Perhaps we'll get the USA and Russia tomorrow?

UPDATE · Feb 25 · As expected, the NHL released sneak peek photos of the two remaining World Cup team jerseys — Russia and the USA!

Like several other teams, it appears Russia will have a new crest for this sweater.

Same with Team USA — and from what we can see here, I'm pretty excited about it! What I'm not as excited about is the thin collar design. That was my biggest grip about the Nike Olympics jerseys in 2014. Oh well, guess Adidas can't help themselves.

Remember, the full uniforms will all be revealed next Wednesday, March 2.