2016 Stanley Cup Jersey Mini-Tournament

Last year we had some fun with a series of polls to decide the best-looking series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. (It was Blackhawks/Wild from Round 2.)  Let's do it again! Keep checking back as the playoffs continue.

ROUND 4A · May 29 · The Stanley Cup Final is nearly upon us but first we need to decide on the best-looking playoff match-up of everything that came before. Here goes!

ROUND 3B · May 19 · While we wait for the Conference Finals to wrap up, let's take a look back and choose the best design from the first two rounds. Unsurprisingly, both involved the Blues!

And as you can see below, the Blues' series also won the third round! Safe to say the best-looking series of the entire 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs is likely to include St. Louis.

ROUND 3A · May 12 · Only four teams remain in the quest for the Cup.

ROUND 2B · May 3 · It's down to two from Round 2.

ROUND 2A · Apr 28 · Time for the second round! Gotta love the variety of color.

ROUND 1B · Apr 23 · As the first round winds down, the best match-ups from each conference go head-to-head here. Tough decision here.

ROUND 1A · Apr 17 · We start with all the first round match-ups!

Thanks for voting!