See the many logos of the 2017 NHL All-Star Weekend

The NHL's elite have come together in Los Angeles this weekend for the 2017 NHL All-Star Game. It's an event that has as many logos as household hockey names. And this year, the NHL kept the project in house, with its own creative services department handling the branding.

So let's take a look at what they came up with.

The first logo in the group above is what you'll see on each player's shoulder this afternoon. But everywhere else you'll see the sponsored Honda version. If you're watching on TV in the French-speaking parts of Canada, there's yet another version. And of course, there's a simplified wordmark version.

Last night brought the NHL All-Star Skills Competition — which I felt was a mostly dull affair apart from Ryan Kesler giving his young son the chance to shoot and score on Carey Price in the shootout and Mike Smith's jaw-dropping goal into a 6-inch hole from 200 feet away.

The fans are really what the All-Star celebrations are all about — but let's not tell the NHL that most fans don't really care. The All-Star Fan Vote this year allowed us to select only the team captains and instituted some new rules to ensure there wasn't a John Scott repeat. And for those in L.A. or making the trip out sans tickets to the big game, Fan Fair is there.

I'm not sure where or how they get used but there's always a series of secondary marks and other icons available for All-Star branding. You can see those above.

The jerseys are often an interesting part of any NHL All-Star Game but this year is special because for the first time, there are four different designs. Each divisional team gets its own color — instead of simply wearing black or white as they did last year in Nashville.

And if you're struggling to remember which team is which color, these logos should help. Atlantic in gold, Central in purple, Metropolitan in white, and Pacific in black — just like the hometown Kings. By the way, you may notice these logos are the same basic shape as the Kings' primary logo. (Last year, the NHL used the Predators' secondary logo pick shape.)

One last thing. Adidas designer Eric Bodamer tweeted a graphic showing the full set of letters and numbers being used on the All-Star sweaters. Not bad.