Flyers, Pens to meet again for 2019 NHL Stadium Series

All right, I'm pretty sure the NHL is just trolling us at this point.

Two days after announcing the 2019 Winter Classic between two teams with a combined seven outdoor games under their belts, the league announced the 2019 NHL Stadium Series will see the Philadelphia Flyers host the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I give up.

The NHL is billing this as "part two" of the "outdoor 'Battle of Pennsylvania'" since the same teams met at Heinz Field last season. But couldn't we put more than a couple years between outings? You know, really build up the tension. We went 35 years between Blade Runner movies and everyone survived that.

Ok, ok. I don't mean to suddenly be negative all the time. That's not what I'm about. It's just endlessly frustrating to watch the league ignore so much of its fanbase and put the same teams in marquee events year after year.

Anyway, "Round 2" will take place at Lincoln Financial Field, home of the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles. Would it be too much to hope for to see the clubs revive the old Pittsburgh Pirates and Philadelphia Quakers jerseys for a game. Those teams may have been two incarnations of the same franchise, but their brief existence left unique and memorable uniforms.

Fingers crossed.

In other news, tomorrow the NHL will preview the jerseys to be worn by the Sabres and Rangers in the upcoming 2018 Winter Classic. The full reveal will take place on Wednesday, ensuring they'll be available to Black Friday shoppers.