More teams reveal white Adidas sweaters on draft night!

On Tuesday, Adidas revealed all the new home jerseys for next season — but left the road jerseys up to each team to handle their own way. That night, 18 teams unveiled their white sweaters.

Tonight, that number is increasing as a handful of teams reveal theirs at draft parties tonight. Here's a running collection of the new white jerseys we've gotten today. I'll update it as the night goes on so keep checking back or follow @icethetics on Twitter.

Most of these photos come from official team Twitter accounts or websites, but some don't. Credit where credit's due. Hurricanes: @charlesballen; Devils: @devilsfan208.

UPDATE (11:00 PM): When the night was all said and done we got a look at seven new road sweaters. (I'm not counting Minnesota because they shared the photo above on Wednesday.)

There weren't any big surprises. We got the reverse version of the Avs' new jersey and the Lightning dropped "TAMPA BAY" from a road jersey that's otherwise identical to the old one. Meanwhile, we got first looks at the Bruins, Hurricanes, Devils, Flyers and Blues white sweaters as well.

What does that leave? According to my notes, we're still awaiting white jerseys for Arizona, Edmonton, Florida, Nashville, Ottawa and Toronto. Of this group, Edmonton and Nashville have redesigned home jerseys from Adidas so it'll be interesting to see if they do anything different with the roads.

I don't expect anything new from the Oilers — it should match their old road jersey. The Coyotes, Panthers, Senators, and Maple Leafs are also unlikely to see changes.

The Predators are the wild card, however. The changes they made to their home jersey makes it doubtful we'll see a carbon copy of their old jersey. Possibly a simple reverse of the new one? We'll see. All we know for now is they plan to unveil it "later this summer."