Devils commemorate 35 years in New Jersey

The New Jersey Devils recently began implementing a new logo into their marketing to celebrate their 35th anniversary on the east coast. Not sure why they've chosen such an unusual number, but there it is. And the logo's not bad.

Speaking of which, I believe the logo was actually designed by Fanbrandz — like a lot of other NHL logos. Back in June, designer Michael Raisch mentioned they were working on it.

Set over a silhouette of the state of New Jersey is a big "35" atop a banner with just enough green in it to remind you it was once a significant part of their identity.

The Devils franchise was founded in in 1974 as the Kansas City Scouts. They lasted two seasons before relocating as the Colorado Rockies. That was over after six seasons.

By the way, the infographic Raisch was referencing in that tweet has been updated, closing the loop on that conversation. Spot saved, spot used.