Lightning reveal 2018 NHL All-Star logo!

During the first intermission of tonight's preseason game against the Nashville Predators, the Tampa Bay Lightning officially unveiled the 2018 NHL All-Star logo. Tampa, of course, will be hosting the league's next All-Star Weekend on Jan. 27-28.

The new mark incorporates elements of Florida's west coast, including palm trees silhouetted over a setting sun and a puck skipping over waves. The detailing around the bottom of the logo is meant to evoke a classic pirate ship, inspired by the city's annual Gasparilla Pirate Fest — which will take place over the same weekend as the All-Star events.

In fact, a handful of pirates helped unveil the logo.

Photo provided by Tampa Bay Lightning

All this will happen as the Lightning celebrate their 25th season. The team will wear the anniversary patch on their home blue uniforms throughout the year. The road white jersey will have the All-Star patch through the first half of the season.

Honda will once again be the NHL All-Star sponsor and you can see that version of the logo here. A small tab is added to the bottom of the circle to make it work.

I'll wrap up by mentioning that this is will be the second NHL All-Star Weekend hosted in the Tampa Bay area. The last time was in 1999, when Wayne Gretzky made his final All-Star appearance. I still have a nostalgic place in my soul for that logo.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll get to be in Tampa for the next one too!