NHL unveils 2018 All-Star jerseys!

Earlier tonight, the 2018 NHL All-Star jerseys were finally revealed — just 25 days before the game is set to take place at Amalie Arena in Tampa.

And they are eye-catching. All four of them.

The Atlantic Division with captained Steven Stamkos will don blue with accents of highlighter yellow. The Pacific, led by Connor McDavid, will wear white with orange accents. Under the leadership of Alex Ovechkin, the Metropolitan team will be gray with that highlighter yellow on the shoulders. Lastly, P.K. Subban and his Central Division will be black with orange shoulders.

Each one has The Stamp of Adidas running up and down the sides — those silly three stripes. Was the same effect not sufficiently achieved with the pointless collar tie? We get it. Adidas makes hockey sweaters now!

But hang on a sec. These jerseys look familiar, don't they?

I swear I've seen them somewhere.

Oh! Got it.


The NHL has taken to dressing its elite players like traffic cops.


All right so the jerseys are brightly colored and will be great for people who like to ride their bike after dark. But there is actually one redeeming quality to the design. Take a closer look at the numbers on the back and sleeves.

The chevron pattern is actually modeled after the cables that support the deck of the iconic Sunshine Skyway Bridge which spans the mouth of Tampa Bay where it joins the Gulf of Mexico.


So that's a nice touch.

Always good to end on a high note.

By the way, apologies for my extended radio silence the last few weeks. Sad to say this may just be the new normal — where I only pop up now and then for major logo and jersey reveals. Not ideal, I know. Is it just me or do the days keep getting shorter and shorter? I need to win the lottery.

So what do you think of the new NHL All-Star jerseys? Am I alone in my mockery?