Penguins inspired by Stadium Series for new third jersey

The Pittsburgh Penguins unveiled their new third jersey this morning and it looks familiar! There are definitely elements from their 2017 NHL Stadium Series jersey. This one is almost identical but for an extra white stripe on the sleeves.

We can also draw some comparisons to the club’s gold sweaters from the early 1980s — from which Adidas say they drew some inspiration. But the triangle-less bird and lack of waist stripes make me question the validity of that claim.

Regardless, it’s a bright, clean design that does what any good third jersey should — it stands out!

Just like the Stadium Series version, the sleeve numbers sit on the shoulders. But unlike, the Stadium Series version, that leaves the sleeves empty. No giant “City of Champions” patch. The Florida Panthers also wear their sleeve numbers on their shoulders but they have bit sleeve patches to fill the space. So this is an odd choice, but that’s what helps the jersey stand out.

The Pens’ new gold sweater makes its debut on Nov. 15 when they host the Tampa Bay Lightning. The jersey is then scheduled for an additional 11 games during the 2018-19 season.

That’s not all for Pittsburgh. They’ll take part in the 2019 NHL Stadium Series in Philadelphia on Feb. 23. Both teams are likely to have special jerseys for that game. Stay tuned!