Penguins, Flyers unveil monochrome logos for 2019 NHL Stadium Series

The Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers unveiled the monochromatic logos they’ll wear for the 2019 NHL Stadium Series. While the jerseys remain a mystery for the time being, the logos may indicate a color-vs-color game is possible!

Pittsburgh revealed a yellow version of their primary mark which sits on a black background. Meanwhile, Philadelphia gave us a solid black version of their primary logo over an orange background.

Seems to me the jerseys are likely to match those background colors, meaning we’re likely to see black versus orange for the big game on Sat., Feb. 23. Neither team gave a specific date for the unveiling of the jerseys, but both did point to February 2019 in social media posts. So we still have a lot of waiting to do.

If the color-on-color thing does happen, it actually won’t be the first time this season. Last week, the Carolina Hurricanes and Anaheim Ducks both wore their home sweaters for a beautiful red-vs-black game! (Prior to that, I think the last time was the red-vs-blue 2014 NHL Winter Classic between the Red Wings and Maple Leafs.)

I still can’t figure out why teams don’t do this more often, especially where it makes sense like this. Actually, the Canes have been doing all sorts of interesting jersey stuff this season. They wore their home threads for that whole California road trip but only the Ducks were game enough to wear black against them. The Kings and Sharks wore white — though they did both beat Carolina while the Ducks lost.

The Canes then played another road game in Montreal while wearing red. It was an interesting stretch. They actually have yet to wear their white jerseys in the month of December. And let’s not forget this team will be in those retro Hartford Whalers jerseys next weekend! Go Canes!

But I digress. The 2019 Stadium Series jerseys will be out in February. I’ll be sure to keep you posted if they leak prior to that. In the meantime, we have All-Star Game jerseys to look forward to, probably coming right after New Year’s.

Stay tuned!