Winnipeg Jets third jersey leaks a day before release

Winnipeg Jets third jersey leaked a day early

The Winnipeg Jets third jersey leaked this morning a day ahead of its scheduled unveiling. The image aligns with rumors that the sweater would be “aviator blue” and feature the new wordmark that recently showed up on player’s helmets in practice photos.

Also visible in this image is a hanger effect collar design that reads “We Are True North.” Definitely aligns with Jets branding.

This image was originally posted to HFBoards by a user called Brominator. I can confirm that it originally came from the NHL’s online store, though if the jersey was actually seen on the front end of the website today, it’s gone now.

What you see in this photo is likely a women’s design based on the proportions. But the design elements should be accurate to the real jersey.

What do you think?