NHL unveils 2019 All-Star logo inspired by Silicon Valley

The 2019 NHL All-Star logo was revealed today. Hosted by the San Jose Sharks, event’s branding was heavily inspired by Silicon Valley. Basically, it looks like a smartphone app icon and that’s no accident.

From the press release:

The logo celebrates the omnipresent "tech" that is at the core of the city's vibrant and progressive community. Visuals are included that evoke San Jose's tech ethos, including clean lines, bright transparent color hues and straightforward geometric san serif typography.

The logo was designed internally by NHL Creative Services. But it sounds like Fanbrandz, a firm that’s long been involved with NHL event branding, provided an assist. Check out that link to read more about the design process and see a couple of early mock-ups.

NHL All-Star Weekend takes place Jan. 25-26 in San Jose. It will be the Sharks’ second time hosting. Their first was in 1997. Jerseys have not yet been released but they often come just a few weeks before the event.

Final note. In the version of the logo that includes the sponsor, Honda is definitely getting its money’s worth. Biggest sponsor logo I think I’ve ever seen in an NHL event logo.