Get a first look at the 2019 NHL Winter Classic jerseys

Earlier today, a confidential source gave Icethetics a first glimpse at the 2019 NHL Winter Classic jerseys for the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks. From that, I was able to put together a couple of graphics that showed the key details.

I didn't have enough information at the time to include proper nameplate and numbers.

But from that, it was clear from which era each jersey originated. Based on research by Andrew Greenstein of, the Bruins sweater is not a true throwback but rather features a combination of elements from jerseys the team wore in the 1930s — the striping is based off the 1931 design while the "B" crest was introduced a year later.

Similarly, the Blackhawks have opted for a jersey similar but not identical to a design they wore from 1927 to 1934. The main difference is the number of horizontal white stripes over the shoulders has been reduced from 10 to 4. I think it would've been nice to see those stripes intact, but it would probably look a little crazy on TV. Plus, the gap leaves room for the shoulder patch.

Now, though, I'm able to share an image from that source that shows even more detail. Notably, the numbers and nameplate are present as well as the captaincy patches.

Leaked image of Bruins and Blackhawks jerseys for 2019 NHL Winter Classic

An eagle eye will also catch an indiscernible hanger effect element on the Bruins jerseys. There's something inside the collar but the image isn't clear enough to make out. However, I can count six individual blobs which could correlate to the years of the Bruins' six Stanley Cup championships in 1929, 1939, 1941, 1970, 1972, and 2011. But six is also the same number of letters in "Boston" and "Bruins" so there's no telling what that is for now.

You might also be wondering why there are two of each jersey in the image. At first glance they appear identical. There's a slight color shift from one side to the other but that's down to optics — camera and lighting conditions. Actually, the difference is the collars. And I think I know the reason.

The image appears to be for retail use, though I don't know much about where it originated. It seems to me there are two styles of each jersey — adult and youth. Youth replica jerseys are typically different from their adult counterparts in one key way — the collar. It's that way pretty much across the board for NHL jerseys. But since we're talking specifically about the Winter Classic today, I'll show you an example from one of the 2018 jerseys.

Youth (left) and adult (right) Breakaway replica jersey

Notice the V-neck collar present on the youth jersey. The collar on the adult jersey is the same as what was used on the game jersey. It also matches the collar style seen on the Boston and Chicago jerseys in the leaked image.

In wrapping up, I will say that what you've seen here is by no means official. Neither the teams nor the league have released images of the jerseys yet. But I do believe it accurately depicts what we'll see when that time comes. 

For now, what do you think of them?