0167: IceHL Freak Out

Think of this one as the road not taken. Ross Taylor designed this concept for a member of Icethetics' own fantasy league, the IceHL's Hamilton Steelcats. Ross designed this logo back in 2008 when we first put the league together. Now, just for the heck of it, he's created a set of jerseys to go with it. What do you think?

Weekend Preview: Don't forget to check back for new concept series this weekend. First, Winter Classic Weekends is returning to Saturdays and I've got a great one lined up for tomorrow. Then the next day, it's our first of four San Francisco Sundays!

Back in February, I told you the ECHL's Bay Area expansion club was willing to consider some Icethetics designer submissions for a secondary logo. Well, it's been five months and I still haven't gotten a straight answer out of them one way or the other. I'm afraid they won't be going with any of our designs so I've decided to post them here on this page over the next few Sundays. And be sure to check back because some of them are really quite something.