0682: Bolts Flashback

As a Lightning fan living in Seattle, I don't get to many of my team's games these days. But since the NHL's realignment and new method of scheduling, my Bolts are guaranteed to visit nearby Vancouver once a year. That happens this week — on Wednesday, in fact. So in honor of that, I'm designating this Tampa/Vancouver Week on the Concepts page!

Today, we focus on the Lightning. First up is a throwback-inspired home and third jersey set by Kevin Dion. I'm not sure the shading is necessary on the primary logo, but otherwise it's a solid pair.

I also wanted to feature this one by Jonathan Tweedle. It'd be an interesting striping pattern for the Lightning to try. But with the '90s long behind us, I'm not sure we'll ever get the chance to see it happen. But both of these submissions beg the question: Do the Lightning need a black jersey again?

Tomorrow is all about the Canucks!