To a Thousand More...

We're skipping Freak Out Friday this week to celebrate a special occasion.

Ever since Sun., Feb. 19, 2012, there has been a new concept post here on Icethetics every single day. That streak started 1,000 days ago and I'm excited to reach this crazy milestone.

A thousand straight days and I still have hundreds of your submissions sitting on my hard drive waiting to be shared with the world. Don't worry, they'll get there — one day at a time.

Since today is a special day, I thought I'd showcase a special designer — Bastian Schmülling — who, with his 54th concept post, has yet to let us down. And this Chicago Blackhawks design sure doesn't disappoint either.

With that, here's to 1,000 more days of uninterrupted hockey concepts!

(By the way, if we do make it to 2,000 consecutive days, that will happen on Thurs., Aug. 10, 2017 — just a month before the NHL embarks on its 100th anniversary season.)